Hotel More di Cuna – SienaIMG_5655-2

An enchanted place of rest on the hills surrounding Siena.

A foothold enhanced by the flush nature to leave and to go back everyday, ideal for those who want to really explore the living heart of Tuscany, moving by bike, car, bike or on foot.

Located at the intersection of Via Cassia, the important Roman road, and the Via Francigena, connecting route between Canterbury and Rome, Hotel More di Cuna loves who goes on the road. And actually, the hotel itself has covered a considerable distance.

Born in 1100 as the farmhouse “La Strada”, for more than seven hundred years, until late nineteenth century, has put its structures, their animal shelters and their cultivated land available to the Hospital Santa Maria della Scala, an important reception center for travelers and pilgrims.

Even today, the brick walls exposed to the sun, the superbly restored rooms, the well that embellishes the garden and the pink walls, beyond which lies the intense green of the meadows, welcome the visitors in an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility, where the genuine flavor of the past blends softly with the comforts of the present.

A sense of hospitality that has accompanied the Hotel More di Cuna, for over seven centuries, today proposed without betraying its authenticity.

Situated midway between the territories of Le More and Cuna, both located in the town of Monteroni d’Arbia, in the heart of Siena, the hotel is at the center of an area that in the radius of 50 km contains all the treasures of Tuscany : nature, art, history and food tradition Traveling by car or motorbike along the scenic roads that run along the hills of Siena, you can easily reach many cities and places of great charm and elegance.

In ten minutes you can get to the beautiful Siena and Asciano with its suggestive Crete Senesi; in fifteen to the  enchanting Montalcino and beneficial baths of Rapolano; in twenty-five to the famous Chianti Road, where are held wine and cheese delicious tastings; in thirty to the refined Pienza, “the city of the Pope”, and the fascinating Abbey of San Galgano; in fifty to the Etruscan soul of San Gimignano and Volterra.

This and much more, always with the guarantee of being able to return after each visit to a welcoming oasis of tranquility and comfort.

Secure parking, refurbished rooms in respect of authenticity of the building, multilingual qualified personnel, wellness room for body care through the art of massage, free wi-fi in public areas and in the garden, panoramic veranda overlooking the undulating landscape of Siena, independent restaurant adjacent to the property.

With this its vast range of benefits, the Hotel More di Cuna in practice is keen to offer the guests palette and colors so that each one, day after day, can paint his own holiday by finding inspiration in the beauty that surrounds him.

And it is because there is only one way to really understand the Tuscany.

Becoming the artist of the own trip.