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July – The banquet at the castle
July – The medieval festival

The Monteriggioni Medieval Festival is an unmissable appointment Tuscan summer. In the magnificent scenery of the town wall of Monteriggioni for two weekends recreating the atmosphere and the setting of a medieval village with its military garrisons, artisans, nobles and commoners.

Located at the northern end of its municipal area, Monteriggioni occupies the top of a gentle hill from the slopes cultivated with vineyards and olive trees.
The castle was founded in the second decade of the thirteenth century by the Republic of Siena, with the main purpose of creating a defensive outpost against rival Florence. For centuries, the settlement took place in the middle of the function for which it was created, rejecting each time a myriad of sieges and attacks.

The Medieval Festival returns to light the historical center of Monteriggioni, a beautiful village in the north of the city of Siena, crossed by the Via Francigena and famous in the world for Dante quote that enhances its round walls and precious crown of towers.

Acrobats, magicians, storytellers, good food to turn a summer evening in a whirlwind of emotions.

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